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HERITAGE SEEDS - Terms & Conditions

1. Offer of seeds is subject to the General Information given in our catalogue.

2. Orders booked are subject to crop outturn and proata delivery.

3. Prices charged will be those ruling at the time of despatch of the order to the buyer. Quotations are
    subject to alteration without notice. Export price are available on request.

4. Shipment of seeds will be made as soon as possible and at customer's risk. 50% freight will be borne by
    the company for shipments within India. We shall not be responsible for delay in delivery by any act of
    God, action by any Govt, strike, lockout, roit, breakdown of power, fire and/or detention of sea/port
    and/or any other contingency beyond our control. Customers are requested to forward shipping and
    forward instructions otherwise our judgement will be used in selecting carriers and routes.

5. Minimum order value is Rs2000/-

6. Overdue amounts are subject to an interest charge of 2% per month.

7. VAT/Sales Tax on vegetable seeds is exempted in Delhi.

8. Insurance of shipments are done at customers advice and expense.

9. Complaint, whatever, gives no ground for adjournment of any payment.

10. Disputes if any, will be settled in Delhi Jurisdiction (India) only.